Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club

Parents Information

On this page you will find important information for you and your skaters, including dates, tips and several ice reminders.

Important Reminders

  1. Club Communication is sent primarily via email.  If you are not receiving email communication from the club, please email diamondedgefsc@outlook.com.
  2. Each skater has a folder where periodically new information that cannot be sent via email is placed.  It is recommended that you check your family folder each week. 
  3. Check the Club’s dry erase board for any announcements for the skating week.  It is located on the club’s Welcome Table on Sundays.
  4. Parents are asked to remain at the rink and to be seated in the lobby, warming room or in the bleachers while skaters are on the ice.  Parents are not permitted in the hockey boxes or at the rink doors.  This includes both lesson and practice ice time.  The rink doors will be closed when skating lessons are taking place. 
  5. Please encourage your younger skaters to take restroom breaks prior to stepping on the ice.
  6. We rarely cancel skating but when we do, we will post the cancellation on Operation Snowdesk our DEFSC Member Facebook Group.
  7. Ice Monitors are in charge at all times! The Ice Monitor and/or any Instructor has the right to reprimand any skater at any time if the following rules are not adhered to:
    • Chasing or horsing-around will not be allowed.
    • Talking with friends in groups or one-on-one on the ice is not allowed.
    • Standing around watching other skaters in the middle of the rink is not allowed. Do this at the side of the rink or from a side box.
    • Lying on the ice is not permitted! If you have fallen, get up as quickly as possible to avoid being in the way of another skater or getting hurt because a skater may not see you. IF YOU ARE HURT, don’t move, call to a skater or coach to assist you.
    • GUM, FOOD, or DRINKS are not permitted on the ice. Drinks may be kept at rink side only.
  8. Music and Right of Way Rules:
    • Your music can be played at any time as long as there is no line.
    • If there are several skaters wanting to play music, put your music/CD in line. It will be played in the order in which it was put in line. If you have more than one CD, move these tapes together. Only one tape can be played at a time. A parent or the RINK MONITOR would be welcome to play the music for the skaters to speed up the use of time for all skaters. Every effort is made to ensure all skaters have the opportunity to have their music played.
    • Instructors giving lessons ALWAYS have the right to play their student’s music while giving their student a lesson whether their tape is in line or not. (Max. 2X per lesson, if there is a long line)
    • THE SKATER WITH THEIR MUSIC PLAYING always has the right-of-way on the ice. All other skaters are expected to watch out for this skater at all times and not get in their way. This may occasionally happen unintentionally. If it happens too many times, the skater will be reminded of this rule.
    • Other music may be played during practice, but must be in good taste. If an instructor or board member feels inappropriate music is being played, you will be asked to turn it off.
    • TRAFFIC ISSUES need to be brought to the attention of the ice monitor to be resolved.
    • A colored sash may be worn by the skater with music playing to designate that they are skating to their program music and have the right-of-way. All other skaters are to notice this skater and stay out of their way. A sash must be used if there is more than 6 skaters on the ice.
  9. Please DO NOT TALK with instructors during someone else’s lessons.
  10. YOUR ROLE AS SKATING PARENTS is to encourage your skater to practice and use his/her time wisely.
  11. ENCOURAGE your skater to SUPPORT other skaters as a team, as we are all skating for and representing the same club.
  12. DO NOT spread rumors or gossip about skaters, instructors, or other parents. If you think there is room for improvement, which there always is, please let one of the board members know immediately!

New Skaters/Parents:

We want your new experience with our Club to be a positive one!! 

If you or your skater ever has a question please do not hesitate to ask.  You can contact our Club President Dawn Bergh or email us at diamondedgefsc@outlook.com with any questions you may have. 

Here are a few tips to help make your experience less stressful:

  • Arrive 20 min. early the first week and wait in the warming area. The Ice Monitor will meet you in the warming area and introduce you to your skating instructor.  After the first week, you can arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
  • Skaters will be divided into groups based on their age and skating level.  Each skater will receive a 30 minute group lesson and will have 30 minutes of practice ice.  During practice ice, your skater will be skating on their own, with fellow skaters, and should be working on the items they learned in their lesson. 
  • If the weather is bad and we have to cancel classes, we will post the cancellation on Operation Snowdesk and the DEFSC Member Facebook Group

Tips for your Skater:

  • Dress warm in a hat, coat and gloves.  Skaters should be able to move easily in their clothing.
  • Helmets are encouraged for skaters 6 years old and under (but not required)
  • Tights or knee length socks are recommended.
  • Use restroom prior to stepping out on the ice.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed at the ice surface.
  • No gum is allowed on the ice!


  • Single blades only – your skater knows the difference and when they do switch, they are learning to skate all over again. They will be limited in what they learn.
  • Should fit like a glove with only a finger width behind the heel 
  • Wear one pair of thin socks only
  • Skates should have good ankle support (floppy sides are not supportive) 
  • Blades should be sharpened prior to the first skate (even if you buy them new) 
  • Blades should be sharpened at least one more time during the session 
  • Blades should also be sharpened if you skate on any other ice other than artificial ice.
  • Wear guards to protect the blades to the ice, but make sure you take them off rink side! 
  • If you have no guards – we suggest wiping the blade with a towel before taking the ice as there is so much debris on the mats. 

Storing your Skates:

  • When you are done skating, wipe blade completely dry. 
  • Soakers can be used to protect your blades while transporting.  
  • DO NOT store with skate guards or soakers on as this will rust the blades. Guards are only for walking with your skates on and soakers for transporting. 
  • Skates should not be stored in your skating bag.


  • Please sit in the bleachers, lobby or warming area.  Parents are not permitted in the hockey boxes are at the rink door.  Please tell your child where you are. 
  • Please DO NOT leave the arena (in case of emergencies, bumps, falls – and they happen weekly) 
  • Please DO NOT yell to your skater on the ice (they cannot listen to coaches and distracting them can cause injuries) 
  • PLEASE let the coaches teach! 
  • PLEASE stay off the ice! Anyone walking or standing on the ice in their street shoes brings debris onto the ice which is the biggest reason for injury. It also ruins their blades and the ice. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT stand at the doors to the ice. This is the monitor’s area to observe all classes.

What can you do to help your skater:

  • Bring them on time for their lesson!
  • Commend them for just getting out on the ice and trying
  • If they want to be done for the evening, let them be done
  • Proper clothing and good, well maintained equipment
  • Bring them skating more than once per week if possible
  • If skating with them outside of the rink, tell them to keep their arms up and slightly forward, chin up, and eyes forward. This will help them lance. But then, re-sharpen those skates. 

All Instructors with DEFSC are registered with US Figure Skating. They have to meet age specifications, test requirements, and volunteer a certain number of years prior to teaching. They have also been required to attend teaching seminars. They are well qualified to teach your skaters!

Assistants are used to assist the coaches and be examples to the skaters. They too have to go through a training process.

Program Contacts:
Usually a monitor is at the open doors of the ice. We monitor all activity on and off the ice. We assist instructors, assistants, parents, and skaters. We also know how to encourage your skater back on the ice as long as you let us. Sometimes, we can’t. But, let us try first. They will be OK, let us take care of them!

If you have concerns with your skaters, with our coaches or assistants, ideas, thoughts, or questions, contact President Dawn Bergh, Skating Director Beth Fischer, visit with any Board Member or email the club at diamondedgefsc@outlook.com.  We can’t improve or change things if you don’t let us know.

REMEMBER we are volunteers only! We welcome & want your feedback!

PLEASE WATCH for other upcoming events that will be happening with our club.  If you have interests in furthering your child’s abilities, or being involved in the various activities that we host, please let us know. Information will be available throughout the season.