Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club

Welcome to the Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club!

It is our mission to provide programs that encourage personal growth and a lifelong commitment to physical fitness through the art and sport of figure skating!

The Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club (DEFSC) skates at the Civic Center in Willmar, MN.  This year we are also offering a Fall Session at the Koronis Ice Arena in Paynesville (Sundays Sept.7 - October 5).  Classes start in Willmar on Sunday, October 12 for Basic 4 Skaters and above and on Sunday, November 2 for Snowplow - Basic 3 and New Skaters.

DEFSC offers Group Basic Skills lessons for skaters learning to skate, and also private lessons for skaters in the upper Basic Skills Curriculum and those who have advanced beyond. We welcome skaters from all communities in our surrounding area.  Currently, DEFSC is providing instruction to skaters in five different school districts. 

Classes are offered on Sundays afternoons, Monday evenings and Thursday evenings.  Registration forms are available to download from this website.  Please mail your registration form to Diamond Edge FSC, P.O. Box 204, Willmar, MN 56201. 

New Member, Snowplow Sam 1- Basic 3 Registration Form 
Basic 4 thru Freeskate 6+ Registration Form

News and Events

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We are looking forward to getting on the ice again for our Fall Session 1 in Paynesville.  Paynesville ice will start on Sunday, September 7th and go through Sunday, October 5th.   Updated Paynesville Schedule:  Download Schedule

Classes will start in Willmar for Basic 4 and above skaters on Sunday, October 12th.  Snowplow thru Basic 3 and New Skaters will start on Sunday, November 2nd. 

Registration forms are now available on our website.  If you are planning to participate in Paynesville, please email us at diamondedgefsc@hotmail.com by Wednesday, September 3rd.  Link to Registration Page

Our annual "It's Great to Skate" event will take place on Sunday, October 12th from 12:45 -1:45 p.m.  This is a free event!  Please encourage your friends to attend and learn more about the Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club!  Download flyer to share with your friends.  Flyer

WRAC 8 filmed some highlights of our show for their "Did you Know" segment.  View Segment

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